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About Us

About Us

The founder and CEO of 10x Shooting India Mr. Abhijit Purao had been the Maharashtra State Rifle Shooting champion and Gold medalist at the National Rifle Shooting champion in Air Rifle shooting. He is passionate to create awareness about the ‘Shooting Sport’ at the grass-root levels in India. He believes that with properly ‘scheduled training courses’ many Indian shooters will excel in the shooting sport. Professional training offered at a young age to school and college students will improve chances of winning medals at International levels. We want to see more medals to India in the shooting sport!

Team of coaches with qualified certification from the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and shooters haven proven track records at the National and International shooting platforms are associated with us to conduct professional coaching courses. Our aim is to ensure that our shooters achieve highest potential standards in shooting discipline. Some of our team members are senior coaches in the Indian Shooting squads and have been relentlessly training young talents who have achieved success in the International shooting events.

Competitive shooting, we believe, is a combination of various factors such as:

Technological considerations
Knowledge of modern sports education
Gauging of intellectual capabilities
Systematic study of physiological and biomechanical elements
Sports medicine research
Sports psychology

All these elements put together, influence shooting performance at the International arena. Our approach towards shooting disciple is more scientific and tactical. We implement specialized coaching methods, provide analytical insights to technical issues, plan and evaluate scope of success at a specific period of time.

10s Shooting India website provides shooters with an opportunity access latest news and developments in shooting field around the world. Our unique online platform helps shooters recycle their used equipments and accessories. This means that the shooters can sell their used weapons, accessories and equipment online at a price they desire. Our team helps them to find buyers and assist both buyers and seller in delivering goods and distributing payments. This platform creates opportunities for young aspiring shooters, who are deprived of buying new Air Rifles, Air Pistols, clothing, shoes gloves and accessories. They can buy used air weapons and accessories online at a cheaper price. On the other hand professional shooters get an opportunity to sell their weapons/equipments on our platform and purchase latest technology equipments that can enhance their performance.

I recommend all shooters to connect with us on social media. Watch our YouTube channel videos - interviews with shooters and coaches, reviews on useful products. New videos are uploaded on a regular basis so please make sure you subscribe to our channels so that you won’t miss some important interviews with shooters and coaches. You can interact with us through social media network.