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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

In line with our vision to promote shooting sport across India, one of the important aspects is to have ‘Good Equipment’ that will influence good shooting. Most of the shooting equipment is imported from abroad and we can’t do much if you don’t find it suitable for your shooting. Hence, our team members have decided to review various products, accessories and equipment related to shooting sport and offer an unbiased and unsolicited opinion about the product. This will help shooters to decide or filter the choices they make at the time of buying these products. These product review videos are shot and shared on our YouTube channel 10x Shooting India. So please visit this channel on a regular basis or subscribe to it so that you can be informed as soon as our new video is uploaded.

Our team consists of national and international shooters, coaches, technically qualified engineers who are passionate about shooting sport. It is a good opportunity for companies that manufacture shooting equipment to get their products reviewed by our team. Our review team will offer unbiased opinion about your product and publish on our YouTube channel. There is a better footage for your product as many shooters (our subscribers) will watch and share valuable comments about the product.

Please call us or email us if you want to get your product reviewed by us.