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10x Spinners

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10x Spinner is made in India. Our product is made for all rifle and pistol shooters using PCP, high power guns or .22 LR. It can be of great use for shooters following ISSF Air Rifle or Air Pistol pattern

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Hot rolled steel iron
Black and red
6 inch
7 inch
7 inch
3 kgs
Strong sturdy and durable target spinner made of high-quality steel. The material used is heavy gauge hot rolled steel. Simple and easy to shoot 6 spinning targets to choose from. Good for training amateurs and professional shooters or hunters. Spinners can be removes to accommodate ISSF specs Air Pistol target, ISSF specs Air Rifle target can be used as an insert. Practice, to improve your shooting skills. Our spinning target is used by both Rifle and Pistol shooters. Spinning targets are made from heavy gauge hot-rolled sheet iron to resist impact from high powered rifles and rim-fired bullet shots. Portable, sturdy, and easy to carry. You can hang it on a tree, mount it on a wall, or keep it standing on the ground or platform. Our target spinner is useful for serious shooters, shooting enthusiasts, or outdoor adventure lovers like hunters. The product is versatile and can be used by Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooters. Another advantage of this product is that it has slots to insert paper targets. Paper target option can be used by removing the spinning targets that come along with the product. Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our product you received, you can call us at any time. We will help you solve your problem.
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Weight - 3 Kgs